Welcome to Hotel “Alla Casella”


Just a stone’s throw from the old town built by the urban walls


Our rooms are very welcoming and cared for in the smallest detail. Reception 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


The hotel has an agreement with the restaurant “La Locanda del Duca”, located in the historical center of the medieval town of Gubbio

With his superb location on the main square of the old town of the city of Gubbio, the hotel Alla Casella has been recently refurbished and it is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing, sporty and culture holiday in Umbria…….

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The origin of the Hotel “Alla Casella” name

The “Casella” of Cancelli of the Marmoreo Bridge of Gubbio (historical note)

Historical documents allow to draw conclusions about the exact nature of the so-called “box”, that is a place to recover the guardians patrolling the city walls. It was the building initially called sentry-box.

These boxes were on the top of the towers or along the city walls. They had to be made aloft, on the top of the city walls, brickwork or wood made and with a wood access ladder; both for security reasons and the so-called “street of the search”, a street adjacent to the inner side of all the perimeter of the city walls that needed to be always obstacle free.

In corrispondence of Cancelli, that is above the portion of walls over the Camignano river, you can see one of those boxes we are talking about in this historical note, although it is not possible at the moment to determine wheter it is entirely original, of the XIV Century or – as it seems more likely because of the almost sure breakdown of a portion of the walls in that area – of a later historical period.

The “street of the search” began to be dismantled at the beginning of the XVI Century, when there were no more difensive needs of the medieval era.